Making your own movies has never been so easy


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Everybody watches videos on the Internet, but very few people create their own videos because they think it's extremely difficult.

XtraNormal offers you an easy and intuitive way to create your own video animation and publish it.

An intuitive and effective interface is the path that will lead you to create and publish your own videos.

Select the number of characters, the kind of characters, their voices, script, animations, gestures, camera angle,... and all this with no more than two cicks and guided by an extremly intuitive interface full of images.

Once you'll have edited your video, preview it and if you think it's ok, publish it.

XtraNormal will host it and you'll have your own video catalogue. Publish your videos and share them with your friends. It's easy and really funny.

Let your imagination run wild, XtraNormal will help you.
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